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Consultation closed

Consultation on Bridge Street and Estuary Road roundabout safety improvements has now closed. People were able to provide feedback from 20 November 2023 to 11 December 2023.

During this time, we heard from eight recognised organisations, four businesses and 59 individuals. You can read their feedback and find out how this influenced the Community Board decision.

Work on this project will start in May/June 2024.

Way safer for everyone

No one expects a crash, but people make mistakes, including those who are careful and responsible drivers, and these mistakes shouldn't cost anyone their lives. You're more likely to have a crash at an intersection than any other part of the road, regardless of whether you're driving, walking, or cycling. This means we need to slow traffic down, as lower speeds improve survival rates, reduce serious harm to everyone and will make people feel safer using the intersection.

We have heard from the community that they feel unsafe at the Bridge Street / Estuary Road roundabout, due to high vehicle speeds and poor visibility.

Being the key route in and out of South Brighton, this roundabout is used by high numbers of drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. It is also located near a number of businesses, a school, preschools, and Common Ground. This intersection is frequently used by vulnerable road users, including children, the elderly and those with visual or mobility challenges, making safety an even higher priority.

What we're planning

Please click the plan above to view it in full screen.

We are planning on:

  • Speed humps at all entrances to the roundabout
  • Pedestrian warning signs on Bridge Street approaches to the roundabout
  • No stopping yellow lines (to improve intersection visibility for pedestrians) on the west side of Estuary Road, south of the roundabout (opposite Dune Café)
  • No stopping yellow lines (to improve intersection visibility for pedestrians) on the south side of Bridge Street, east of the roundabout (outside Dune Café)

We are also planning to improve tactile pavers and holding rails to ensure consistency and accessibility across the intersection, and remove the redundant mobile library parking.

Next steps

Once the public feedback period closes on 11 December 2023, we will analyse the feedback which will be considered by the Waitai Coastal Burwood Linwood Community Board as part of a staff report. The community board will then decide whether to continue with the project.

Contact Us

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