Consultation has now closed

People were able to provide feedback from 11 August to 28 August 2023. We will get back in touch with all submitters when the final design has been approved.

Rosella Reserve is a neighbourhood park in Broomfield and is surrounded by residential streets. The current play equipment has come to the end of its useful life and is being replaced with modern, fit for purpose play equipment. This is a like-for-like renewal, so the modern equivalent of the existing play equipment has been selected.

We are also proposing a change to the location of the play space as shown in the plan below. This will improve access to the play space as it joins onto an existing footpath with connections to the Ben Nevis Drive carpark, and SH1 bus stop.

The proposed plan

Rosella Draft Plan

1. Deluxe Swing 3-Bay (metal frame)

Two standard swings and one toddler swing promotes intergenerational play and connection between the users.

2. Regular Seesaw

Helps to develop balance, coordination, fine motor skills, social skills and teamwork.

3. Double Slide

Two slides side-by-side promotes balance, coordination, gross motor skills and social development. Suitable for all ages.

4. Honeycomb Carousel

Users can sit, lay, kneel or stand in the basket, which helps to develop balance, coordination and fine motor skills. Suitable for all ages.

We added the Honeycomb Carousel for inclusive play. The play space is connected to the park's existing accessible footpath, and we have included a ramped entry into the play space, for improved access to the Honeycomb Carousel.

The surfacing is playground certified safety bark. No trees are affected by this work.