Consultation has now closed

People were able to provide feedback from 8 September to 18 September 2023.

You will be able to read their feedback and the staff recommendation once an agenda is available for this project. Times and dates for these proceedings are yet to be confirmed.

As we prepare to finalise the landscape plans for the Southshore and South New Brighton Estuary edge project, we want to make sure we have a really good record of existing local landmarks that are important to the community. We are particularly interested to hear about important trees, but these landmarks can also include other significant or historical assets such as benches and other park furniture.

In order to build the estuary edge structures, the bund and pathway, we are going to need to remove some trees in the area. However, rest assured, we'll be putting back more trees than we remove - our policy is to plant at least two trees for every tree that we remove.

We'll also do what we can to preserve what's already there. We can't make any promises, but if we can save or relocate a tree that's important to the community, we'll do so. And if we can't, we'll work with the relevant individuals to find a way to manage the removal sensitively.

So drop a pin on the map below and let us know about the trees and local landmarks that matter to you.

Please include as much information as possible (description of asset, tree species etc) in your comments. And adding a photo would be great too!