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Whether visiting whānau and friends or letting tamariki walk, scooter or bike to school, everyone should be able to do it safely.

We’ve received Government funding through the Streets for People programme to help make streets in Aranui more people-friendly - safer and easier for everyone to use.

We’re using this funding in Aranui to co-design and develop better walking and cycling connections with local school students, mana whenua and residents.

We’ll make changes to the streets using low-cost, quick-to-install materials to see how they work before considering permanent changes. Trialling any changes first means we can make adjustments if needed, lets locals reimagine their streets and give feedback based on experience, to ensure any permanent solution meets the needs of the community.

What we want to know:

Nothing in these plans is finalised - it's a starting point for a conversation about possible improvements. We want you to:

  • Vote whether or not you like something
  • Vote for your preferred option
  • Let us know if we've put things in the right place
  • Comment on whether you think we are heading in the right direction
  • Let us know if you, or someone you know can help (artists, creatives etc.)

We've worked with local schools and other community members to create the proposed improvements show on the map below. Click on the bubbles to view the proposed changes.

You can tell us what you think further down the page.

Here's a breakdown of the projects shown on the map.

Cycling upgrade for Breezes Road (Pages to Wainoni)

The option of either a separated cycle lane on both sides of Breezes Road, or a shared path on the north side and separated cycle lane on the south side of the road.

Safe speed platforms and bumps

We put these in where we want to make sure vehicles are travelling at a safe speed for all road users.

Safe speed platforms are wider, and provider a safer option for pedestrians crossing the road.

Safe speed bumps are narrower, strictly functioning to slow traffic.

  • On the river side (west) of Chisnallwood Intermediate School (platform).
  • Outside 17 Pembroke Street, approaching Chisnallwood Intermediate School (bump).
  • On each side of the Hampshire Street shops (bump).
  • On Marlow Road approaching the Hampshire Street shops (bump).
  • At two points on Shortland Street approaching Haeata Community Campus (platform).
Pedestrian crossing upgrades

We put these in areas where there are more pedestrians trying to access key locations.

  • Raise the existing crossing outside Chisnallwood Intermediate School. This was the school's preferred option. We considered moving the crossing further east or changing it to a zebra crossing.
  • Raise the existing zebra crossing used by Chisnallwood Intermediate students to access Avondale Golf Club carpark.
  • Raise the existing zebra crossing outside Haeata Community Campus on Breezes Road.
  • Create a new raised zebra crossing outside St James School on Rowan Avenue.
Intersection upgrades

We reduce the road width at intersections to make it easier for pedestrians to cross. This can include raised safety platforms.

  • Tahuna Street/Shortland Street intersection
  • Mchaffies Place/Shortland Street intersection
  • Pembroke Street/Breezes Road intersection
  • Eglinton Street/Breezes Road intersection
  • Gosport Street/Breezes Road intersection
  • Hampshire Street/Breezes Road intersection
  • Aldershot Street/Hampshire Street intersection
  • Lyndhurst Crescent/Hampshire Street intersection (both ends)
  • Marlow Road/Hampshire Street intersection
  • Eureka Street/Marlow Road intersection
  • Rowan Avenue/Eureka Street intersection
  • Yarmouth Street/Rowan Avenue intersection
  • Carisbrooke Street/Rowan Avenue intersection
Footpath widening:

We reprioritise some of the road to create extra footpath, addressing pedestrian safety concerns. Flexi-posts will separate these areas from the live traffic lanes.

  • Outside 150 Breezes Road.
  • Along Wainoni Park playground on Hampshire Street. One car park will be lost to accommodate this change.
  • Outside St James School on Rowan Avenue.

We recommend people with visual impairments use the existing footpaths.

Contact Us

Have questions or want to learn more about a project? Contact us below:

Phone 03 941 8999 (0800 800 169)