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The Long Term Plan outlines how much these services and projects will cost, how they will be funded and what rates will need to be.

We need to make sure that we’ve got the right balance of what we can deliver with what’s affordable. We’re keen to hear what you think about our plan and priorities, and other ideas you may have.

Picture of Phil Mauger, Mayor of Christchurch

Mayor’s introduction

I am committed to protecting and investing in the city we all call home. As I have often said, this is the best place to live, work, play and invest in New Zealand. I know this because I’ve raised a family here, run a business and continue to take an active role in our city.

Phil Mauger
Mayor of Christchurch

We are coming out of the pandemic in a strong position, driven by the huge investment of the past decade and the fact that the world is seeing what a great place Christchurch is to raise a family, run a business and enjoy our stunning natural environment.

Christchurch City Council has delivered a staggering number of significant projects in the last 10 years – Tūranga, Taiora QEII, countless post-quake road and pipe renewals, the restored Town Hall, you name it. It’s great to see Te Kaha, Canterbury’s Multi-Use Arena rise out of the ground at pace. Matatiki Hornby Centre and the Court Theatre are also making great progress. Soon, work will be underway on the new South Library and Service Centre – Ōmōkihi, and along the Ōtākaro-Avon River Corridor.

We need to keep up this momentum in the decade to come as there is still so much to do. Our Council can support this by taking care of the basics that individuals, businesses, and communities need to make Christchurch the best place in New Zealand to live, work, play and invest.

We are committed to building better trust between ratepayers and the Council by keeping rates affordable, controlling debt, delivering better services, and looking after our environment. As a Council, we must balance the need to keep the cost to you as low as possible while still delivering the core services our communities want us to. This is a constant challenge and there is a range of views on how we manage this around our Council table. We’ve already had some big debates on ways to balance cost versus service.

Last year we decided, as a Council, not to cut the core services we deliver. You told us you wanted us to keep delivering these services, and that’s what we intend to do. We are continuing to work with our community boards, staff, contractors and volunteers to deliver the core work, like rubbish collection, drinking and wastewater, good roads and footpaths, pools, libraries and community parks.

We have also recently looked at options to increase the financial return to ratepayers from our holdings company Christchurch City Holdings Limited (CCHL). Ultimately, the Council decided to direct CCHL to continue to operate within its existing mandate and existing assets, and to lift returns over time through stronger oversight of capital management and operational improvements. The option to give CCHL more flexibility to invest and divest, which was expected to generate greater returns within set guidelines, was not supported.

Like every household and business across the city, the Council is also operating in a tough environment. This draft Long Term Plan proposes an average rates increase of 13.24%.

I am well aware that rates rises have a big impact on your back pocket. It’s a familiar story at this point, but as you prepare your submission, there are a lot of factors such as interest costs, insurance premiums, and inflation, that we have little ability to control.

Remember, none of these decisions are set in stone. First, we need to hear your feedback. Do you agree with what we’re proposing? Have we got the balance right? Is there anything you think we should defer, delay, or fast-track?

I am committed to protecting and investing in the city we all call home.

As I have often said, this is the best place to live, work, play and invest in New Zealand. I know this because I’ve raised a family here, run a business and continue to take an active role in our city.

Like you, I want Christchurch to succeed. Our Council is working to deliver what our city needs for success and we’d love to have you alongside us.

So, take a moment and tell us what matters most to you as we plan for the decade to come.

Phil Mauger

Mayor of Christchurch

Our proposed Long Term Plan

On this page you'll find more information about our proposed plan, but here's a snapshot:


We're proposing average rates increase for the next three years of:

2024/25: 11.08% base rates + 2.17% Te Kaha = 13.24% total

2025/26: 5.98% base rates + 1.78% Te Kaha = 7.76% total

2026/27: 3.99% base rates + 0.69% Te Kaha = 4.67% total

Of the total increase for next year, the residential average is 12.4%, compared to the business average of 14.2% and rural average of 15.4%.

For an average-valued house ($764,364) this equates to an extra $416.23 a year or $8.00 a week.

The cumulative rates increase over the 10 years this LTP covers will be 57.8%.

Find out more about our rates proposal.

Find out what the proposed rates increase is for your property.

Our proposed spending over the next 10 years

  • Every Council has to weigh up the services it provides, operational spending, capital spending, debt, and the money it brings in (including your rates) and then strike a prudent balance that keeps things running effectively.

    Find out more 

Find out where our money goes

Our budget search tool shows how much money we are spending on projects over the next ten years, and where.

How we propose to fund activities, services and projects

  • Rates are the main source of funding for the Council’s activities. This is supplemented with funding from fees and charges, Government subsidies, borrowing, development contributions, interest and dividends from Christchurch City Holdings Limited subsidiaries.

    Find out more 

Alternative opportunity and options that would have a rating impact

  • Up to this point we have been talking about our preferred option (proposed plan) designed to maintain the services that matter to you. However, there are some additional matters that we would like your feedback on to help us decide how to progress.

    Find out more 

Potential disposal of Council-owned properties

  • The Council has a small number of properties which are no longer being used for the purpose they were originally acquired for or that have been transferred to us by the Government (former residential red zone properties in the Port Hills).

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Have your say

What do you think of our proposed plan? Have we got the balance right? Have we prioritised the right things? What about our alternative options?

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