Consultation closed

Consultation on the road crossings for the City to Sea Pathway has now closed. People were able to provide feedback from 1 to 24 March 2024. You will be able to read their feedback and the staff recommendation once an agenda is available for the joint Community Board meeting of Waipapa Papanui-Innes-Central and Waitai Coastal-Linwood-Burwood, which we expect to be on 14 May 2024.

The City to Sea Pathway runs through the heart of the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor (ŌARC). The 11-kilometre-long, shared-use, all-weather path will largely follow the course of the Ōtākaro Avon River from Oxford Terrace in the central city to Pages Road in New Brighton.

It is part of the ŌARC Regeneration Plan, with minor route deviations from the Regeneration Plan, and has been funded by central government through the Christchurch Regeneration Acceleration Facility (CRAF).

We’ve been working with mana whenua and key interest groups to finalise the route and inform the design.

Way safer for everyone

We expect the City to Sea Pathway to become a popular walking and cycling path, with many people using it for recreation, day-to-day travel and commuting. It includes new road crossings to make it way safer for everyone, and new small car parks for access.

No one expects a crash, but people make mistakes, including those who are careful and responsible drivers, and these mistakes shouldn't cost anyone their lives. This means, at road crossing points, we need to slow traffic down, as lower speeds improve survival rates, reduce serious harm to everyone and make people feel safer using the crossing.

We've heard from the community that they currently feel unsafe when crossing some of the roads, due to poor visibility and no dedicated crossing points.

What we're planning

Due to the length of the City to Sea Pathway, it will be designed and constructed in three stages:

  1. Western section - from Fitzgerald Avenue to Kerrs Road.
  2. Eastern section - from Kerrs Road to Wainoni Road.
  3. Wainoni to Waitaki section - from Wainoni Road to Pages Road.

The western section will be constructed first and includes three new road crossings on Stanmore Road, Swanns Road and Gayhurst Road and two small car parks. It also includes the construction of Dallington Bridge.

Have a look at the plans

Click on an icon on the map to find out more about our plans. Question mark icons are new road crossings you can provide feedback on. Information icons are features of the City to Sea Pathway you can find out more about, such as the new car parks.

Find out more about...

  • Small carpark south of the last residential house for access to the City to Sea Pathway and to maintain available parking.
  • Six carparks and one disability carpark.
  • Closing the road south of the Avebury House driveway to reduce anti-social road user behaviour.
  • No stopping yellow lines to improve visibility.

  • Carpark between Flesher Avenue and River Road, north of Casa dei Bambini to provide access to the City to Sea Pathway and Casa dei Bambini.
  • 30 carparks and two disability car parks.
  • Closing North Avon Road at Flesher Avenue for access to the pathway and to reduce anti-social road user behaviour along these roads.

The City to Sea Pathway links all planned landings and includes a fourth walking and cycling bridge at Dallington, where the pathway crosses the river. This bridge has been designed in collaboration between the Council and engineering and fine arts students from The University of Canterbury. The bridge is inspired by Mōkihi, a small canoe type vessel fashioned from raupō and flax which were more suitable than waka for navigating streams and small rivers.

The replacement of the Fitzgerald Avenue intersection, where western section of the City to Sea Pathway starts, will be considered in a future project, with the timelines yet to be confirmed.

The Eastern section of the City to Sea Pathway (from Kerrs Road to Wainoni Road) and the Wainoni to Waitaki section (from Wainoni Road to Pages Road) will be constructed next. They contain two new road crossings that the community can provide feedback on in the coming months, ahead of construction that we expect to begin in late 2024.

Ending on Pages Road, the City to Sea Pathway will connect with the planned shared walking and cycling path, and on road-road cycle lanes that are part of the proposed Pages Road improvements into New Brighton.

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